• All connections that are close to Australia (for instance, the Philippines) should connect using our alternative IP address.
    IP: aus.insanemc.net


11 May
TheBridge 2.0 Release NoPermission
As you know we have been hard at work with debugging and game designing, hence, it is with pleasure that we are announcing the confirmed release of TheBridge 2.0 on Tuesday, 12th of May at 1:30 PM GMT!! Bring your friends along to play.insanemc.net and let’s enjoy the updated release of our beloved game mode :) Note: Everything that is being added in the new TheBridge can be found here:

09 Apr
Recent Connection Issues Daniel

Recent Connection Issues


Dear members,
We recently received many messages about players who are having very high pings.
In order to investigate this problem, we need your help.

First of all, you all should know that this is very reasonable.
Internet service providers all around the world are having a hard time keeping up with demands, due to COVID-19.

We're still going to look further into that issue and do our best to fix it, for that we need your help.

If you are facing connection or latency issues, please post a comment following this template.

* Please note, you may be contacted personally to further examine the issue on your end.

In-Game Username:
Country of Residence:
Your Ping: (Can Be Seen In TAB)
Contact Method: (Discord / Forums / E-Mail)
Internet Service Provider:

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello everyone,

Back to cracked?
Due thebridge prototype was a success and we think that it will bring old players back to InsaneMC we have decided to make the server back to cracked.

Server changes
Here is a list of changes that this month has been made:

Network Wide:
- Server now supports cracked users.
- Added proxies to balance player connections.
- Moved host, reinstalled and secured the network.
- New network style and colors.

- Added other gamemodes to the selector (for the future gamemodes.)
- Changed the lore's on the lobby selector & gamemode.
- Fixed some connections issues.
- Added a cosmetic bow to hub.
- Fixed an issue by linking your account role not being given.
- Prototype servers have been added to the selector.
- Added pocket games

TheBridge ProtoType
- Added thebridge shop.
- Added brewing.
- Patched some lag spikes.
- Fixed Armor Protection (finally)
- Fixed instant kill on the last hit
- Increased player slot to 32
- Added EndGame system
- Added a new Team system (Toggleable between new and old by admins)
- Map Cliffs has been repaired
- Added Kit Pyro
- Added Map Fantasy
- Fixed some bugs

- Fixed a bug by using commands the Similar error came up. (disabled now)

Skyblock Reset
21 Jan
Skyblock Saga RELEASE NoPermission
View attachment 2

Skyblock SAGA Release!
The date of skyblock saga release is friday january 24th.

Hello everyone,
as we promised we are releasing Skyblock Saga. This season we have focussed on to make the economy hard. This season it's very hard to earn quick money, but as we tested it with a few testers. they like the new way of the economy. You now need to farm to actually earn money and level-up and more.

This season, a lot of items you need to get yourself instead of purchase-able from /shop.

- End World
- Nether World
- Custom Drops
- New crates + Final rewards messages
- Season Crate
- Minions
- VoidChests [UNIQUE]
- Hopper Filter
- Chat Games
- Added InsaneCore a system that locks down the server when a plugin throws errors, or plugins did not startup well. This is to prevent data loss.
- Every hour auto backup system (saved on a external backup cloud)
- Mob Hoppers
- Crop Hoppers
- Look Hoppers
- Harvaster Hoe
- Sellwands
- McMMO /redeem
- Mobcoins
- Daily rewards /daily
- Island...​

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