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Hello, everyone,
First of all, I want to apologize for the little news last 2 weeks, at the moment I am very busy in real life and I am flooded with work - because of coronavirus many employees have been fired and therefore we are short of staff, so I have to work more hours for this. I just spoke to my boss about that I want fewer hours because I currently have almost or no free time and that it is all becoming a lot to me at the moment.

What is currently going on in the server?
As you knew the update was quite a failed attempt, this is because our old developer ofir made some mistakes in the game which changed the idea of thebridge quite a bit it's not specially his fault but we all made some mistakes in it and had more to talk with each other., I apologize for that. I must say that he had done his best but also must honestly say that he had let us down on the most important days eg 10 minutes before the release he was suddenly gone and we were stuck with a broken thebridge who voigon and I quickly fix while we know little about its code structure. He is also resigned when thebridge was finished, which is a great pity and we miss him.

The server is in maintenance because we found that the network had some bugs and was not stable enough to stay open, we have been busy with that, we are also trying to release new content but that is currently difficult for me and voigon...
30 Jun
Factions RELEASE MrKeshaiv
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Factions Release [ 11/07/20 ]

Get your gear ready... cannons prepared... base setup... FACTIONS will release on the 11/07/20! Make sure you are on Play.InsaneMC.net to start building your faction!

Release information

Saturday 11th June 2020
14:00 BST │ 15:00 GMT │ 13:00 UTC │ 09:00 EST │ 21:00 AWST


Grace period: 7 days [Explosions disabled]
Overworld [5000x5000]
End [2500x2500]
Nether [2500x2500]

Note: If there are any bugs please report to a staff member on bugs report


» Faction top rewards

1st place
$150 Buycraft or $100 Paypal

1x Top crate key for next season (each player)

[COLOR=rgb(204, 204...​
25 Jun
Server Version Change NoPermission
[!] Greetings humble community of InsaneMC!

As we look forward to new and exciting gamemodes, we also have to look at the greater systems that run and make all these games possible. For years 1.8 has been the defacto Minecraft version used by servers, but being released 6 years ago, it has really begun to show its age.

This is combined by the fact that many other servers have already made the decision to switch and upgrade their version number. Most mods, plugins and other fancy tools have made the transitions, and thereby we're announcing that we will be updating InsaneMC to version 1.12 - 1.15

PvP will stay the same and works just like 1.8, so don't worry yourself about that. We want to continue to deliver the best Minecraft multiplayer experience to you guys, and all the features these newer versions have added. Just think about the possibility of elytra in TheBridge, greater and fancier maps, faster loading times, and more content for you guys to enjoy!
30 May
Server News NoPermission
Hello, the community of InsaneMC!

As you may have noticed that there are less updates going on the network, this is because we are working a lot on back-end stuff before we can work on in-game features. We are planning to release a hub update soon with some new vanity stuff. We also have now a custom discord bot that is connected to our network. This bot can do a lot as you have maybe noticed you can link your account and get rewards from it. We are also going to add soon network achievements & delivery man.

We have noticed that skyblock 1.15 wasn't the best idea. Also, the economy was not balanced good enough and there will be worked on a newer version of skyblock with a lot of bug-fixes.

Warzone (ChaosPvP)
We are currently working hard to release chaospvp soon but with our own concept and ideas. This gamemode will release withing now and 2 weeks. The release date will be announced soon.

For thebridge we have decided to make the development on hold for thebridge, we will keep working on bug-fixes but new features will not be worked on till thebridge make a come-back.

Forums update
We have released a new forum theme including store theme, they should now be clearer and simpler to read and understand.
11 May
TheBridge 2.0 Release NoPermission
As you know we have been hard at work with debugging and game designing, hence, it is with pleasure that we are announcing the confirmed release of TheBridge 2.0 on Tuesday, 12th of May at 1:30 PM GMT!! Bring your friends along to play.insanemc.net and let’s enjoy the updated release of our beloved game mode :) Note: Everything that is being added in the new TheBridge can be found here:

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