Hello everyone:

As we're getting closer and closer to the release of CurseHQ, we need more ways to spread the excitement and hype other than just friends spreading the news to their other friends. Therefore, I have just finished some applications that will hopefully be a great opportunity to YouTubers and Twitch streamers.

Besides Helper and Builder applications, there are now Twitch and YouTuber applications located on the right side of the main pages of the forum. You will not see them elsewhere, for example you can't find them on the right side of the page on this thread unless you go back to the forum's homepage.

I understand there are questions that you may have if accepted, such as permissions, but those will be classified until further notice and closer to the server's release. Other questions can be sent to my discord: Ivan#1022, or my email: [email protected]


CurseHQ Management.
I would like to let you know that we will be doing Factions & Skyblock Top Rewards for this season, which will officially begin once the server releases.

How long does a season last?
A single season lasts 6 months.

Skyblock Top Rewards:
» 1st Place | $500 Buycraft or $200 PayPal
» 2nd Place | $300 Buycraft
» 3rd Place | $200 Buycraft

Factions Top Reward:
» 1st Place | $500 Buycraft or $200 PayPal
» 2nd Place | $300 Buycraft
» 3rd Place | $200 Buycraft

Do you think you can do this? You better start now at play.cursehq.com
Also, do not forget to invite all of your friends, and start working your way to the top!

Questions are more than welcome!
Hello everybody!

I would like to introduce you to CurseHQ's brand new forum.
This forum will be our official and main source of information such as announcements, and everything should be expected to take place here.