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    Information Server News

    I agree that 1.15 skyblock is the best :). Although this current Skyblock version is fun, the economy is currently broken. No need to worry about skyblocks changing versions because in the future we will continue to use 1.15 skyblocks as its just amazing.
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    TheBridge 2.0 Release

    We understand that some of the changes have been frustrating such as the end game phase and there is still a lot of changes we can still apply. For example, we are thinking of making a Player Tracker (Compass) which indicates where the closes enemy is.
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    The Bridge Private Games

  5. NH9

    The Bridge Please add a potion

    A solution that we have made is that we have decided to nerf swapper a little bit, we have decided to make a delay if you missed your rod to 2 seconds and then keep the current cooldown if you swap with someone as 7 seconds. This makes sure that players who play as swapper to not spam their rod...
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    The Bridge Private Games

    This is something we can surely implement but as most request of RANKED THEBRIDGE and CUSTOM MATCHMAKING we do not have the playerbase to do such thing. We will take note of this idea and will be sure to discuss when the server is growing.
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    We are still in discussion with these Gamemodes and there is still a lot of work still being done. We are planning to add more minigames such as TnTWars and Bedwars but also core gamemodes like Prisons, Skyblocks and Factions. We will make polls probably about what gamemodes you guys wanna see...
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    The Bridge Remove freecam when ded

    We have made the decision to make it so that you remain GM SP after you die but you stay frozen where you died.
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    The Bridge Remove freecam when ded

    Yes we have talked about this many times and plan to change to a more suitable solution. We still are yet to confirm what the changes are after you die but it will change ☺.
  10. NH9

    FameX - Final Pack Release

    AU Server and you got comboed ;)
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    FameX - Final Pack Release

    If you use this pack Alt+F4
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    The Bridge Please add a potion

    There is a lot of ways to counter strength rushers and also, we plan to nerf strength potions as well as making swapper more difficult to use. This should solve some problems with rod spamming and strength rushing so an anti-swapper potion is out of the frame.
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    The Bridge A compilation of suggestions

    We plan to keep the nexus sound how it is as the anvil sound before was annoying. However, I understand how it is difficult to hear if the nexus is being broken but there will be a resolution for this. We like to keep the server roles clean but discord roles have OG tags The kit suggestions...
  14. NH9

    The Bridge Layout kits

    This is an idea we had in mind and this idea is noted down. However, we plan to make sure the core gamemode to be working without any errors and then add some sort of settings option that allow you to change your kit layout as well as other options such as nexus messages!
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    The Bridge Some practical changes

    We are planning to add these things to the lobby real soon! Hopefully during the huge update!
  16. NH9

    The Bridge Balancing...

    Yes for sure we are planning to nerf swapper and from the current cooldown of 7 seconds to a longer delay of 15 seconds. I understand your concern and I feel that swapper kit is an good kit that can also counter strength rushers and can be used as a defence strategy.
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    The Bridge My Suggestions/Ideas.

    These are great suggestions and will be put forward in our suggestions meeting to see what we can do!
  18. NH9

    The Bridge Kit idea

    Oh a lot of sense now , I was so confused but I understand now. With new kits we would like to implement the old kits such as Alchemist and Vampire first making sure these kits are stable and perhaps new kits like these will be trialed. I will discuss this in the staff meetings to see what we...
  19. NH9

    Other New gamemode

    Yes for sure! We will be rolling out TheBridge first and making sure that the gamemode is stable enough and then the Developers are going to be focusing on other gamemodes suchas Snowdown, TNTWars and Bedwars. There will be a poll that will allow the community to decide which new gamemode will...