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Adding feature to the diamond/emerald mine

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New member
Dear InsaneMC staffs members,

I personally love the new features that were added into TheBridge, especially the Defensive nexus which deals damage to the enemies when they approach to it. However, according to my observation in the game, I found something that only affects the whole game, but to our dear players as well. With that said, I would like to adjust the diamond/emerald mine for reasons:

1. Campers. With the new feature that was added into the game, the Defensive Nexus, players tend to often rush to the middle to obtain diamonds and emeralds, so that they could make armors and weapons to protect themselves when they rush to the opposite team's nexus. Thus, the opposite team was defenseless and unarmed since they couldn't take over the mine in the middle for diamonds/emerald, because the enemies are securing the area which gives a big disadvantage to the opposite team.

Therefore, I would appreciate if you could add a new feature similar to the Defensive Nexus. For example, invulnerable zombies/invulnerable iron golems that secure the diamond/emerald mine in the middle of the map, or adding hurtful aura which damage the players if they stay there for too long.

2. Final kills. Another new feature that was added into the game. I suggest that the opposite team who'd destroyed the enemy's nexus should be deducted 50% of their health, since the enemies have one life remaining.

Anyways, that's all I have to say, I'd appreciate all your feedback in the future about this.

Love (no homo),