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Important Allowed and Disallowed Modifications

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Allowed and Blacklisted Modifications

This post covers both the modifications that we allow and disallow on the server. The following list will explain why we allow certain modifications and why we don’t allow others.
If you are using a mod that is not on the list please enquire with our staff members on if the mod/client is allowed. If you are caught using any blacklisted mod then you will be BANNED.

Allowed Modifications


A mod that is mostly used for boosting FPS (Frames per second) so it is perfectly fine to use. It is also used for other things like connected textures, or having a cape on your back.

Better Sprint
Better Sprint is a mod that makes you able to press a button (and toggle) to sprint, and is a very useful addition for PvP and just Minecraft in general. However it is not banned because it is already sort of in default Minecraft. (You can just press the CRTL button)

Direction/Armor/Potion Status HUD
These include, but are not limited to mod packs such as:
- 5zig
- bspkrs
- InGameInfoXML
- LiteLoader

Addon to minecraft to make your minecraft look more beautiful.

Replay mod
Replay mod allows you to record your games in a lightweight format. You can go through your most recent game and spectate through a different perspective. Perfect for your next video edit!

TabbyChat will put chat into different sections allowing you to keep your private messages near you at all times while getting rid of spam for yourself.

Cosmetic Mods
Mods that change things like Font, Music, or blocks are allowed as they don't give advantages over players.

Blacklisted Modifications

Laby Mod

A known client to have ghost clients containing unfair advantages.

X-ray texture packs or mods that let you find caves or ores are not allowed, as it is the same as using X-ray on a hacked client.

BetterPvP gives you things such as fast eat, which gives an unfair advantage.

Minimaps which gives player locations, players and mobs are known as unfair advantage

Schematics is ALLOWED on the server however, printer is not allowed. This allows players to autobuild/speedbuild which is forbidden on the server

Binding your keys (hotkeys) to give unfair advantages such as auto eat, and auto commands.

Auto-clickers are obvious on what they do, not clicking on the mouse and letting the program or mod do all the work is forbidden.

Hacked/Ghost clients
Hacked Clients such as Wurst, Huzuni and many others are strictly forbidden as they alter your game entirely to where you have hacks such as speed, killaura, fly, and Etc.
Ghost Clients are the same as hacked clients but the difference is it makes an attempt to hide itself from plain sight disguised as either a mod or a known client. Ex: LabyMod or a suspicious Mod in the mods folder.
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