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Apologize For Inactivity


Hey, you possibly know who I am already.
I'll repeat and introduce myself again, my name is OfirTIM,
I am one of the developers and game designers in InsaneMC Network.

If you haven't noticed for the past 2 weeks I've been inactive in the forums, and this is due
to the upcoming bridge update, I took it too easy too little back then, and I am currently
backfiring everything to its place so that The Bridge Game won't be delayed.
we're trying to keep track of the game and we're sure to be releasing everything at once on the 29th of April (THIS MONTH).
I hope most of you are hyped for this update because we sweated up a lot because of this update.
we're making sure this update will be the bright new thing for InsaneMC, and that it is the
right step for a bigger player base and richer gameplay.

Thanks so much for understanding ❤
Love so much, ~OfirTIM
Your Developer and Game Designer.