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Important Discord Rules

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We have a set of rules that are strictly enforced to provide players with a safe environment to chat in. These rules applies for in discord & Other social communities.
The global rules does also apply on discord, but this are some extra rules & informations.

If you do not understand one of our rules, please refer to their explanations right under this post (first reply of the thread).

1.. Under no circumstance should you post invite links to other Discord servers, unless it has been approved by an official administrator on the server.

2.. Never should you threat, harass nor discriminate against groups, individuals, body's, and parties at any point. We're all here because we're passionate about Minecraft, not to start fights. This includes cyber hacking, sending suicidal jokes, bullying, death threats etc.

3.. Using too much caps, spamming in chat and deliberate spam to rank-up is not allowed. Swearing/Curse may be used but under strict conditions. Abbreviations may be used but the entire word must NOT be put in text channels.

4.. Our Discord aims to follow Discord's Terms of Service. Therefore, if we believe that you have broken these guidelines we have the ability to punish you.

5. Deliberately provoking members in causing drama and hatred in chat will result in permanent removal from our Discord.

6. Do not use voice changers or make loud noises.

7. Respect our staff and staff may have the last word. Staff is allowed to warn, mute, and kick you.

Discord server: discord.insanemc.net
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