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Factions RELEASE


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Factions Release [ 11/07/20 ]

Get your gear ready... cannons prepared... base setup... FACTIONS will release on the 11/07/20! Make sure you are on to start building your faction!

Release information

Saturday 11th June 2020
14:00 BST │ 15:00 GMT │ 13:00 UTC │ 09:00 EST │ 21:00 AWST

Grace period: 7 days [Explosions disabled]
Overworld [5000x5000]
End [2500x2500]
Nether [2500x2500]

Note: If there are any bugs please report to a staff member on bugs report


» Faction top rewards

1st place
$150 Buycraft or $100 Paypal

1x Top crate key for next season (each player)

2nd place
$75 Buycraft or $50 Paypal

2x Second Top crates keys for next season (each player)

3rd place
$50 Buycraft or $25 Paypal

2x Third Top crates keys for next season (each player)

Note: Season will end after 2 months of release and each rewards will be decided by the leaders of the factions where the rewards go to unless otherwise specified by "(each player)"

» Raid events

Raid events will occur when there is an announcement a week before the event at our discord channel. A pre-built map with defences that will test factions that sign up to the raid event. The first faction to get into the base will receive rewards in game!

» Outposts events

Outposts events will occur every weekend and will be a weekly event taken place where each outpost location changes each week. The outposts will give OP items of which everyone to share. Factions will fight it out in the warzone to see who can capture the outpost.

» Envoy events

Envoys will occur every 6 hours on the server and a minimum of 5 players are required to start this event. Custom loot are inside these envoys.

» End of the Season

At the end season, there will be a massive event where all players will have access to unlimited EOTS kit which contains OP kit. This will just be a fun event where you guys can destroy whatever and have some fun PvPing!


» Features

º Custom Enchantments
º Mob Coins
º Custom /f upgrade feature
º Chunk Busters
º Genbuckets
º Sell Wands

º Envoys
º Battle pass / achievement ladder
º Custom Outposts
º Cannoning optimised for 1.8 and 1.7


Find out more at :
and at
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