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  • We are so happy that you are interested in becoming a staff member on InsaneMC Network!
  • When you are creating a staff application, please put some time and details on what you write.
  • Remember to fill in all the questions and provide enough information and will improve your chances of being accepted since we will have something to work with.

  • Do not copy other staff applications, it looks bad and it will decrease your chances of being accepted.
  • Do not repeat the same information with different words in your application.
  • Make sure you are decently active in-game before applying.
  • Take your time while doing your application, this is probably the most serious thing you will do for the server.
  • If you are new to the server, play the server, learn the rules and get used to the server, and then, apply.
  • Playing an hour and apply will not get you accepted.
  • After you have applied, be patient, it will take some time before getting a reply.
  • Saying in your application "I want to stop hackers", and we checked your forums profile and you haven't done a single report, we won't take the application seriously.
  • Be honest, if you lie, then you are representing something or someone that isn't you.
  • Do not make a staff app if you are planning to go on vacation within a month of possible staff app acceptance.
  • Do not spam applications. If you got denied you must wait 2 weeks before applying again.
  • Do not ask staff members about your application. Doing this will result in an instant denied.
* If you have any serious questions that haven't been answered here, you can PM our managers.

Overall, your application is yours. You can do whatever you want with it. But when you apply, remember this: Players might know you in-game, but we don’t know you as well as they do. We will be judging your application more than what you do in-game.
*Keep in mind we also check your activity in-game*

If your application is accepted, you will get contacted by the staff member that has accepted your application. You will be given more information about the next process which is an interview.
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