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Hello, the community of InsaneMC!

As you may have noticed that there are less updates going on the network, this is because we are working a lot on back-end stuff before we can work on in-game features. We are planning to release a hub update soon with some new vanity stuff. We also have now a custom discord bot that is connected to our network. This bot can do a lot as you have maybe noticed you can link your account and get rewards from it. We are also going to add soon network achievements & delivery man.

We have noticed that skyblock 1.15 wasn't the best idea. Also, the economy was not balanced good enough and there will be worked on a newer version of skyblock with a lot of bug-fixes.

Warzone (ChaosPvP)
We are currently working hard to release chaospvp soon but with our own concept and ideas. This gamemode will release withing now and 2 weeks. The release date will be announced soon.

For thebridge we have decided to make the development on hold for thebridge, we will keep working on bug-fixes but new features will not be worked on till thebridge make a come-back.

Forums update
We have released a new forum theme including store theme, they should now be clearer and simpler to read and understand.


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I agree that 1.15 skyblock is the best :). Although this current Skyblock version is fun, the economy is currently broken. No need to worry about skyblocks changing versions because in the future we will continue to use 1.15 skyblocks as its just amazing.