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Server Updates & News & Skyblock Release


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Hello everyone,

Back to cracked?
Due thebridge prototype was a success and we think that it will bring old players back to InsaneMC we have decided to make the server back to cracked.

Server changes
Here is a list of changes that this month has been made:

Network Wide:
- Server now supports cracked users.
- Added proxies to balance player connections.
- Moved host, reinstalled and secured the network.
- New network style and colors.

- Added other gamemodes to the selector (for the future gamemodes.)
- Changed the lore's on the lobby selector & gamemode.
- Fixed some connections issues.
- Added a cosmetic bow to hub.
- Fixed an issue by linking your account role not being given.
- Prototype servers have been added to the selector.
- Added pocket games

TheBridge ProtoType
- Added thebridge shop.
- Added brewing.
- Patched some lag spikes.
- Fixed Armor Protection (finally)
- Fixed instant kill on the last hit
- Increased player slot to 32
- Added EndGame system
- Added a new Team system (Toggleable between new and old by admins)
- Map Cliffs has been repaired
- Added Kit Pyro
- Added Map Fantasy
- Fixed some bugs

- Fixed a bug by using commands the Similar error came up. (disabled now)

Skyblock Reset

Skyblock version will be 1.15.2 this time and based on to challenge yourself with custom achievements, skills, missions and more.

New features:
- Heads collection: By killing mobs it will drop mob heads by disposing those heads it will be added to your head collection by x collected heads you can trade it for mob coins or buy spawners with it.
- Achievements: We will have this season a way to challenge yourself with custom achievements and get free rewards!
- Pets
- Disguises
- 1.15.2 server (allow lower versions)
- McMMo
- Trails.
- Deep storage chest
- Warp bulk
- New balanced shop.
- And much more will be added.

Harvester Chests
Harvester Chests are back - These are chests that collect grown crops within a chunk and can be upgraded to carry more crops, auto-replant, quick sell and auto sell.

Dark Zone PvP World
The PvP arena, KoTH and Supply Crates have been moved to a new world called the Dark Zone.
The Dark Zone is a world where you can kill magma cube for x3 obsidian per kill and capture castle.
  • Enderpearling disabled in Dark Zone
  • Commands disabled in Dark Zone
  • There is an exit portal on the other side or use /spawn
We have added or changed new gkits.
(current ideas: Miner, Locksmith, Enchanter, Winter, Grinder, SbSword, SbPick, Cartographer, Ores, Spawner Tier (1/2/3), Fight, Tamer, Ravager, Architect, Spring)
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