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Important Server Version Change


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[!] Greetings humble community of InsaneMC!

As we look forward to new and exciting gamemodes, we also have to look at the greater systems that run and make all these games possible. For years 1.8 has been the defacto Minecraft version used by servers, but being released 6 years ago, it has really begun to show its age.

This is combined by the fact that many other servers have already made the decision to switch and upgrade their version number. Most mods, plugins and other fancy tools have made the transitions, and thereby we're announcing that we will be updating InsaneMC to version 1.12 - 1.15

PvP will stay the same and works just like 1.8, so don't worry yourself about that. We want to continue to deliver the best Minecraft multiplayer experience to you guys, and all the features these newer versions have added. Just think about the possibility of elytra in TheBridge, greater and fancier maps, faster loading times, and more content for you guys to enjoy!
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