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Hello everyone

Connection Issues
This is just a short update on why we had so many issues with people not able to connect to the server.
As far as we know, this issue should be resolved and everyone should be able to connect just fine again.
The issue was caused by us updating our BungeeCord to 1.14 support, This issue should now be fixed.

We want to send out a big thank you who voted the past month, this really supports the server and helps us getting over to new players.

Our top 3 voters of July were:

1. @Xielaa 33 Votes (15 Tebex Giftcard)
2. jak222pro (no forum ac, please register when you see this) 32 Votes (5 Tebex Giftcard + Rare Key)
3. YagzanEx12 (no forum ac, please register when you see this) 30 Votes (100k In-Game balance + unCommon Key)
4. @TheForgottenBone 29 Votes (5x Vote Key)

Create a ticket at (-new)

Johannes // NoPermission Aka MassiveLag
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